10 ways to tell if your work culture is becoming poisonous

Everyone wishes to work in an environment where everything is working. It really helps them perform if their ideas are being taken seriously and feeling that they are contributing to the prosperity of their organization. In most cases, however, this is not what usually happens. While there is a lot that one can do to prevent their workplace from becoming toxic, the first and the most important thing to do is being able to identify that your work culture is becoming toxic. Below are some pointers to indicate that your work culture is slowly becoming toxic:

1. Low motivation

In the event that you feel demotivated to go to work, there is a great chance that your work culture is becoming poisonous. A good work culture is the one that makes you eager to go to work or at least you don’t feel too bad when reporting to work.

2. Toxic relationship among employees

If you are having a hard time relating to your fellow employees, it might be an indication that you are in a bad work culture. A good work culture is where the employees are working collectively or individually towards the achieving the company’s goals.



3. Intimidation

If the work environment that you are in is full of intimidation, it is usually a toxic place to work in. If for instance your boss usually threatens you with loss of job, there is a great chance that you are in the wrong place.

4. Lack of growth

You know that you are in a poisonous work culture when there is stagnation in growth. If for instance, you have been in the same position for more than four years despite furthering your studies, you may want to change the work culture you are in or just jump that ship.

5. Attention to the negatives

A bad work culture is one that lays more emphasis on the negatives as compared to the positives. If you are in a work culture where the management focuses so much on what you are doing wrong or what you have done wrong than what you have accomplished, you are in a poisonous work culture.

6. Backbiting and slander

A poisonous work culture thrives through lies, backbiting and pilling each other down. Whenever employees in an organization are working hard to pull each other down, there won’t be any growth in the organization and this is the perfect definition of a poisonous work culture.

7. Work takes too much time

A healthy work culture is one that balances work and leisure. In the event that you find that you are spending too much time in the office leaving little time to spare for the family, there is a great chance that is a poisonous work culture.



8. Favouritism

This is another property of a poisonous work culture. Where some people receive preferential treatment when it comes to work, sharing resources, promotion among others, there is usually bad blood among the employees.

9. Health issues

A poor work culture is one of the leading reasons why employees will suffer from both emotional an physical health problems. Whenever there is a negative work culture, there are greater risks of internal conflicts among the employees. This may lead to them taking more leave days due to illnesses.

10. Poor working environment

Lastly, if there is a poor physical environment where one works, there is a greater risk of employees being unable to work. Poor work conditions may range from overcrowding, overworking, lack of proper gear among other issues. Such an environment will constitute a toxic work culture.

Al these factors are indications of poor work culture. In the event that you are in such an environment, it is important to voice your concerns to the relevant authorities so that you can address them as a team.